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Official Announcement: ONSRA California has been acquired by ONSRA

Morro Bay CA, August 15th 2022 ONSRA California has been acquired by ONSRA. ONSRA California has been successfully acquired by ONSRA. ONSRA California has been an independent reseller of ONSRA products since mid 2020 and it was operated by us, the Eskate Warehouse Group.    Effective immediately we aren't selling any ONSRA products anymore, if you need anything ONSRA related please reach out to We'd like to take this opportunity to thank Fabian and his team for the fruitful cooperation over the last few years.    Our online store is currently being turned into something much bigger, to serve the entire Esk8 community. We are already offering lots of products by brands like Beyond Riders, Shredlights, Cloudwheels and more. Stay tuned for additional updates...

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Is Electric Skateboarding Dangerous?

Well, it depends on a couple of factors:- How you ride- How much esk8 experience you have- Where you ride and what the road conditions are- What speed you ride at - What protective gear you wearWe at Eskate Warehouse recommend not riding at high speeds and to ride cautiously. In addition, we strongly recommend to ALWAYS wear a helmet. Today's helmets look really cool and there is no reason not to protect your head. In addition, we recommend to protect your hands with gloves and also your upper body and legs with protective clothing. We're proud to be selling gear by Beyond Riders, a Californian brand that offers amazing protective shirts and pants. In addition, we are selling the...

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How to Upgrade Your Electric Skateboarding Experience

Whether you are riding an ONSRA Electric Skateboard or a board of any other brand out there - you probably know exactly what's important when riding and what challenges you face - from how to see where you are riding at night to ride protected to how to improve your ability to carve.  We hear you and put together a short guide how to upgrade your electric skateboard experience. Here you go:    Shredlights New Skateboard Combo Pack Lights (SL-300 & SLR1) Shredlights are the best electric skateboard lights in our opinion, which is why we sell them at ONSRA California. These lights are going to be your new favorite electric skateboard must-have accessory. Shop Shredlights now >>>    Riptide Electric...

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Just a little more summer, please!

Labor Day may be over but we're not yet ready to give up on summer! Schools are back in session but we're still having loads of fun. We've had a very exciting past few months here at ONSRA California, so let's quickly bring you up to speed. 1) Boards, boards and more boards. So first and foremost, it's been a busy summer! Despite a battery shortage in early summer and a shipping delay later on, we managed to send out large amounts of both ONSRA Black Carve 2 and ONSRA Challenger skateboards each month. Our last shipment of boards arrived at our warehouse just a couple weeks ago, instantly putting smiles on the faces of dozens and dozens of new ONSRA riders.    2) Keep on...

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We are hiring - apply now for the open positions

We’re hiring! Check out our open positions below.  Social Media Manager Esk8 Warehouse is looking to hire a savvy social media manager. Your goal will be to manage all our social media channels, collect content from our community and create content yourself.  Responsibilities Using social media marketing tools to create and maintain the company’s brand Managing the day-to-day handling of all social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok and YouTube, adapting content to suit different channels Working with our community and sharing user’s content across different social networks Creating engaging multimedia content across multiple platforms Developing, launching and managing competitions and campaigns (e.g. monthly giveaway) Basic photo and video editing Taking pictures and filming videos for social media use  Managing...

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