ONSRA BLACK Carve 2 - Dual Belt Electric Skateboard - Delivery in August/ September
ONSRA BLACK Carve 2 - Dual Belt Electric Skateboard - Delivery in August/ September
ONSRA BLACK Carve 2 - Dual Belt Electric Skateboard - Delivery in August/ September
ONSRA BLACK Carve 2 - Dual Belt Electric Skateboard - Delivery in August/ September
ONSRA BLACK Carve 2 - Dual Belt Electric Skateboard - Delivery in August/ September
ONSRA BLACK Carve 2 - Dual Belt Electric Skateboard - Delivery in August/ September
ONSRA BLACK Carve 2 - Dual Belt Electric Skateboard - Delivery in August/ September
ONSRA BLACK Carve 2 - Dual Belt Electric Skateboard - Delivery in August/ September
ONSRA BLACK Carve 2 - Dual Belt Electric Skateboard - Delivery in August/ September

ONSRA BLACK Carve 2 - Dual Belt Electric Skateboard - Delivery in August/ September

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ONSRA BLACK Carve Dual Belt 2 - order now for delivery in August/ September

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Why Choose ONSRA Black Carve Dual Belt 2?

  • The all New ONSRA BLACK Carve 2 is here! Engineered, tested and prototyped in Switzerland
  • Range up to 32.5 miles per charge, when using 105mm Cloudwheels (Black Carve 1 was 26 miles). The exact range depends on rider weight & riding terrain. 
  • Speed up to 34mph, when using 120mm Cloudwheels (depending on rider weight & riding terrain)
  • Gradient hill climb capability: up to 35%. 5% more than the Black Carve 1.
  • Free shipping in the contiguous US, from our warehouse in Morro Bay, CA
  • 1-Year Warranty & premium Customer Support 
  • The new & upgraded ONSRA Black Carve Dual Belt features an improved Hobbywing Turbo 12S ESC (electronic speed control). 
  • The overall hardware upgrade enables it to work at a much higher current. This allows the Black Carve to get higher torque and faster acceleration.

What's in the box?

  • Complete assembled electric skateboard - ready to ride 
  • Skate tool
  • Electric skateboard 2.5 A charger & electrical cables
  • LCD Remote control
  • User manual

ONSRA BLACK Carve 2 Board Details:

  • NEW Super Carve Shape
  • Material: 6ply maple, 1ply bamboo, 3ply fiberglass for a bouncy ride experience
  • Length: 39.4” Deck with a 29” wheelbase.
  • Trucks: 13” Forged Aluminium Trucks - Double Kingpin Super Carve
  • Bearings: Abec 9 Waterproof IP55 Bearings
  • Motor: 6368, 170KV, 2x 2200 Watts. Much bigger than the Black Carve 1. 
  • Brushless Sensored Motors
  • Battery: new and bigger battery - Samsung Lithium Ion. 12s3p 50.4V 756Wh
    15Ah (max). 
    Recharge time: 5.5 - 6 hours for a full battery charge
  • Griptape: 4mm griptape – shock absorbing foam mix, hexagon shape
  • Weight: complete board weights 26.4 lbs
  • Rider weight limit: suitable for riders up to 330 lbs
  • Onsra Pulleys: CNC machined wheel pulley
  • All wheels are swappable
  • One complete set of wheels comes with every board purchase and you can add extra sets during checkout
  • You can install the new ONSRA AT Wheels Kit : 6”/150mm pneumatic wheels with 60T pulley & belts. 

ONSRA Black Carve Electric Skateboard Remote:

  • Upgraded LCD Remote Controller Standard
  • New ergonomic design
  • Oversized thumb roller for precision acceleration and braking
  • 10 meters of wireless connectivity

Black Carve Remote LCD Display:

  • Current Speed
  • Remote Battery Level Status
  • Skateboard Battery Level Status
  • 3 Different Riding Modes
  • Switch Between Miles and KM easily
  • Change The Wheel Diameter for More Accurate Readings
  • Total Mileage Driven

Grip Tape:

  • 4mm Grip Tape - Special new shock absorbing foam electric skateboard drip tape is now standard on all ONSRA Black Carve boards.

ONSRA Black Carve Remote:

  • Upgraded LCD Remote Controller Standard
  • New ergonomic design.
  • It features an oversized roller thumb wheel for precise control of acceleration and braking.
  • Wireless connectivity up to 10 meters for extra safety

Do you have any additional questions about the ONSRA Dual Belt? Contact us now >>>

The ONSRA BLACK Carve 2 was launched on March 14th 2021, we are sending the boards to our customers directly from our warehouse in Morro Bay, California.  ONSRA electric skateboards have been designed for precision and performance, with real-life testing in the Swiss Alps. When you buy an ONSRA board you purchase not only an electric skateboard but a skateboard that's been tested over and over, with improvements and tweaks added to create an amazing ride. What are you waiting for? Try ONSRA today and feel the difference the details make in your ride.


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Patrick K.
United States United States
Great board, horrible customer service experience

I usually don't write reviews but I felt compelled to write one this time. The Good: I purchased my black carve version 1 back in January 2021. I owed two backfire boards previous to this (G3 & Zealot) and after the riptide bushings this was one of the greatest e-skates I had ridden. Ha and like others I will admit a bit of a death trap on the stock bushings but the riptides completely changed the board. With the heaviest set of riptides (I'm 180lbs) this is still the only board I can comfortably carve at 20 - 22mph no issues. The riptides are a very smooth linear carve.. The rubber wheels grip like no other and with the riptides you can hit 28+ mph with no speed wobbles and almost never worry about sliding out. Build quality looked great and I could fly through our creek trails way faster than any of my friends just from the levels grip and maintained speed. As far as speed and acceleration this and my backfire zealot with 105mm cloud wheels accelerate at the same pace and both topped out at about 28-29 mph. The Onsra with the riptides actually felt a bit more stable than the Backfire Zealot surprisingly. The BAD: My complaint is that after 2 weeks of riding or 50 miles I noticed at about 1/2 battery the board would cut power randomly at full throttle and then 1 second later power full throttle again after the power cut. This would happen on and off (power, no power, then power!) as long as you held the throttle down. At 10-12 mph no big deal, but when going 20+ mph or during carving I almost got thrown off the board a couple times since the power surges were sometimes pretty violent. I also noticed maybe only 12 miles or so of range per charge. Then there was a 6 day period where the board just stopped turning on completely. After those 6 days the board would just decide to randomly turn on or turn off mid ride. After 2 or so weeks of emailing back and forth and Onsra requesting a video, on February 5th Onsra had promptly sent me a return label for their NY repair center and I shipped the board. The initial response from Onsra support for repairs and getting me a return label was quick and easy. My real gripe with this is it's now May 26th 2021 and I still don't have my Onsra V1 back. I feel like I've been pretty patient considering almost creeping up on 4 months since the board was sent. Since then the only repair update I received has been that in these 4 months they haven't been able to replace the 18650 battery pack since there is a shortage of this battery. All other previous emails were basically stating that the board was being assessed or being repaired, but no real updates were given on where Onsra was in the process of fixing my board. That being said 4 months or heck even 3 months if you count 1 month for them assessing the board seems like a long time for a battery replacement even if there is a shortage. And I know Onsra has to go through its channels for parts but 18650 batteries are pretty available since I work in a similar industry that uses a lot of them. I also emailed them and told them I'd pay a bit more for a replacement version 2 black carve board if this one was being this tricky to fix. Great board when it worked, but at this point $1600 spent for 2 weeks of good riding and 4 months of waiting for repairs, I am almost half way through the 1 year warranty at this point. Hopefully it gets resolved.

United States United States
Best board by far!

The good: speed- 26mph on 115 rubber Power- climbs hills without a hitch Milage- I got 28 miles with room left on the battery didnt **** it Feel- it carves amazing and feels good under your feet and the wheels make all the difference in comfort The Bad: The remote needs to last longer There should be an option to choose your bushing depending on your size dont even care if they come pre-installed And with so many boards shipping with lights on them it would be nice to see that as standard in the future but for now Shred lights work. I work in the manufacturing industry and could nip pick things most people wouldn't even notice but I could do the same to any board, car, bike, scooter, nothing is perfect but this board sure is close! And the customer service makes anything that might be wrong, worth it in my opinion! Thank you onsra I'm most pleased with this purchase!

fred o.
United States United States
No Brainer

the black carve 2 has it all... range, power, top speed, agility, and most of all QUALITY. why spend 800-1400 on something that wont achieve what this board can do.. just spend a little more and get the best eskate undee $2000

Garrett A.
United States United States

I've got just about 60 miles on my board. I love the look and how well made the board is. You do actually get 30 miles of range but with the 115 rubber wheels top speed is only 26 however it's still more than enough speed and I cant be more pleased!

Julia B.
United States United States

i never recieved it yet