Level 2 Protector Pads by Beyond Riders Armor - Spring 2021 Version

Level 2 Protector Pads by Beyond Riders Armor - Spring 2021 Version

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Get the Level 2 Protector Pads by Beyond Esk8 if you are looking for an airy, soft and comfortable pad for your Shirt purchase. Level 2 Protectors are airy and very soft. For those riders looking for a high level of comfort and extra protection, we recommend level 2 protectors.

Please note that these pads are suitable for shirts labeled "Spring 2021 Version" only. 

A set contains 5 pieces:

  • 1 back protector
  • 2 elbow pads
  • 2 shoulder pads

All protectors can easily be inserted into the adjustable pockets of the Armored Shirts. 

The shoulder and elbow pads: Certified Level CE 2. Rated: EN 1621-1: 2012. The back protection pad is rated EN 1621-1: 2014.

Instructions: to insert the shoulder and elbow pads simply turn the shirt inside out. Make sure that the perforated side (with the little holes) is always pointing towards you and not towards the shirt's cloth. The more narrow, arrow-shaped part needs to be pointing down. 

The back pad needs to be folded before it can be inserted from the bottom of the back protection pocket.

Please note that this is not a product supplied by ONSRA and it's not connected to the ONSRA brand.