Pneumatic All Terrain (AT) Wheels by ONSRA
Pneumatic All Terrain (AT) Wheels by ONSRA - ONSRA California
Pneumatic All Terrain (AT) Wheels by ONSRA - ONSRA California
Pneumatic All Terrain (AT) Wheels by ONSRA - ONSRA California
Pneumatic All Terrain (AT) Wheels by ONSRA - ONSRA California
Pneumatic All Terrain (AT) Wheels by ONSRA - ONSRA California
Pneumatic All Terrain (AT) Wheels by ONSRA - ONSRA California
Pneumatic All Terrain (AT) Wheels by ONSRA - ONSRA California
Pneumatic All Terrain (AT) Wheels by ONSRA - ONSRA California

Pneumatic All Terrain (AT) Wheels by ONSRA

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ONSRA AT Electric Skateboard Wheels with FREE 3-5 Day Delivery

Electric skateboarders love to customize their boards. So it's no surprise that ONSRA had to offer AT wheels. It's easier than it looks to change your ONSRA Black Carve Dual Belt or any other belt drive electric skateboard to AT wheels. 

Cruise down beach trails, gravel paths, and gently rolling hills of grass with ONSRA's AT wheels.

Please note that the AT Kit is compatible only with the ONSRA BLACK CARVE - Dual Belt Motor Electric Skateboard but not with the Direct Drive Model.

Contact us if you would like to use the AT Kit on other boards. 

ONSRA AT Electric Skateboard Wheels Features:

    • ONSRA Custom 6" / 150mm Pneumatic Air Tires 
    • Smooth riding experience, perfect for gravel tracks and rough street asphalt
    •  Convert your board into an ALL-TERRAIN Beast! 
    •  Comfortable & soft, the tires are filled with air 
    •  The set is small enough to be portable. Easy assembly, see video tutorial link below
    •  Wheels can be used on wet surfaces - see details below

    What should I know about using all-terrain tires on an electric skateboard?

    AT means all-terrain. These special tires are designed to work in two directions. The first direction is made for riding on wet surfaces. For example, traversing a dewy meadow or riding across a creek bed. If you reverse the tire, they act as grips on dirt trails and improve traction on rocky paths.

    Safety Alert!

    On damp streets, you must ride with the tires facing in the correct "FORWARD" position. Using the wheels in the opposite "ALL TERRAIN" direction might lead to the opposite result which could lead to hydroplaning. 

    Make sure to avoid riding under wet or rainy conditions as much as possible due to the possibility of losing control of your board. A serious injury might occur. Make sure to always wear a helmet and additional safety equipment. 

    AT Electric Skateboard Wheels By ONSRA Include:

    •       6" / 150mm  - All Terrain Tires (Set of 4)
    •       6" / 150mm  - All Terrain inner Tubes (Set of 4, inside the AT Wheels, comes with Schrader 90 degree air valve, like in car wheels).
    •       All Terrain Hub (Set of 4)
    •       608-RS Bearings (Set of 8, 4 Spacers inside the Hubs)
    •       66T Pulleys (Set of 2)
    •       6900-RS Bearings (Set of 4, 2 in each 66T Pully)
    •       ONSRA Belt HTD® 360-5M (for 66T Pully, Set of 2, the Kit contains 2 spare belts)
    •       Belt Motor Pully Covers (Set of 2, 3mm Hex Key needed)


    • Tire Size - 6" / 150mm
    • Tire Width - 2" / 50mm
    • Recommended PSI- 35-45
    • Max PSI- 60

    Using 6" / 150mm AT Wheels &  60T

    •       Top Speed 35MPH / 56 KMH
    •       Range: 18.6 Miles / 30Km
    •       Board Weight 20.5Lbs / 9.3Kg
    •       This is the recommended setting for anyone who is not considered a heavy rider


    Our 66T Pulleys are made from nylon plastic and reinforced with fiberglass. You can pair them with ONSRA standard motor pulleys or other pulleys available in the market. 2 Pulleys are needed per board, each 66T Pully uses 2 bearings with the size 6900. 

    To match our gearing system please use the ONSRA HTD® Belt HTD 360-5M,  2 belts are needed for each board.

    How to assemble the AT Kit 
    Click here to watch the video made by an ONSRA customer

    Questions about the configuration? Reach out to us now. 

    Stay tuned:

    We will soon launch our new 66T Pulley with more torque for heavier riders with new motor mounts and different belts

    7" / 175 mm wheels with suitable inner tubes will be available soon as well

    Important notice: the 4 full board pictures shown on the left featuring AT wheels are for illustration only. If you would like to get the complete board as it's shown please buy both the AT KIT (this product) and the ONSRA BLACK CARVE - Dual Belt Motor Electric Skateboard. You will need to swap the street wheels with the AT wheels yourself, see the video tutorial linked above.  

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    Tarang P.
    United States United States

    I was expecting metal.

    steve o.
    United States United States
    Great tires

    Perfect fit high quality makes the board feel completely different and amazing

    Scott M.
    United States United States
    Perfect Grippers

    Perfect gripper ! This AT tire set is amazing to carve and for speed. I love those little ones compare the knobby 8'' i had on my GTR.

    Jorge l.
    United States United States
    AT kit

    That kit has turned my board into an off road beast! Breaking hard trails on them 6'' wish you had bigger 7'' or 8'' knobbys.

    Charles D.
    United States United States
    AT KIT

    Its a blast, so far used to roll on the initial setup with the 115mm rubbers, once I've decided to push it even more and got the new AT KIT with the 60T and now the ride is with higher top speed over my personal limits still but it rolls over everything now, I think with the AT KIT onsra struck just right.