6" Inner Tube
6" Inner Tube

6" Inner Tube

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6" Inner Tube is Delivered in 3-5 Business Days in the USA! 

Order a 6" / 150mm x 50mm Inner Tube for Pneumatic Tire with ONSRA California for fast delivery and a quality guarantee. This tube is perfect for our 6" all-terrain tire. Experienced riders know that flats can happen anywhere and being prepared can help reduce downtime.

The Inner Tube is being sold as a single unit - if you need 4 tires, add 4 units. Many customers like buying 6 so that they can have 2 extras ready for punctures or on-the-go repairs.

This inner tube is suitable for any 6" / 150mm x 50mm tires or the ONSRA AT Kit tires

Please note that this is not a product supplied by ONSRA and it's not connected to the ONSRA brand.