115mm Rubber Electric Skateboard Wheels by ONSRA
115mm Rubber Electric Skateboard Wheels by ONSRA - ONSRA California
115mm Rubber Electric Skateboard Wheels by ONSRA - ONSRA California
115mm Rubber Electric Skateboard Wheels by ONSRA - ONSRA California
115mm Rubber Electric Skateboard Wheels by ONSRA - ONSRA California

115mm Rubber Electric Skateboard Wheels by ONSRA

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Rubber Electric Skateboard Wheels/Longboard Wheels Delivered in 3-5 Business Days! 

Rubber electric skateboard wheels are an comfortable solution for electric skateboard riders looking for 115mm wheels in durable rubber. These 115mm wheels are designed for riders who are familiar with wheel size, espescially those who are riding on 83mm and want a smoother ride.

ONSRA California is an official retailer ONSRA electric skateboards and sells accessories that we think can be great for our boards, but also accessories that you can use on any electric skateboard or regular longboard. These rubber wheels are designed to give you maximum ride with minimum bumps. That said, electric skateboard and regular longboard riders should always follow safety rules and wear approriate safety hear.

If you're thinking about rubber electric skateboard wheels, give these a try, we think you'll really love them.

ONSRA BLACK Carve Direct Drive Board: Needs Kegel Adapters - click here to add them to your cart Also have a look at the new ONSRA California Direct Drive - Street Wheel Adapter Guide >>>

ONSRA Black Carve Dual Belt Board: Needs Kegel pulleys - click here to add them to your cart Not sure which pulley to use for these wheels? Make sure to check out the new ONSRA California Pulley Guide >>>


Why 115mm rubber electric skateboard wheels?

  • Insanely smooth (ride over curb cuts!)
  • Generous Diameter: 115mm x 64mm 
  • Durometer 70A Grippy and Long Lasting
  • Metal Core! 
  • 4/Pack 

Which electric skateboards will be able to use these rubber wheels?

  • Any direct Drive Motors with Kegel Adapters
  • Boosted Board
  • Evolve Skateboard
  • Exway Board 
  • Ownboard
  • Most "belt" electric skateboards

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Matthew L.
United States

Great but don't expect miracles.

These are not as comfortable as air tires however they are an incredibly close second. They do a great job at dampening mid to high frequency vibrations while also making big bumps more comfortable. However they are too firm to truly combat the highest frequency stuff that you would get from riding on rough pavement. All in all I am very happy. smooth grippy and they seem to have decent life

Jesse J.
United States United States

Cannot describe.

There is no way to accurately describe the feeling of these tires, I cannot formulate it in words.

Joel G.
United States United States

Fantastic Ride - May Require Slight Modification

Love the ride on these wheels - so comfy! Just want to give a heads-up that the holes in the kegel cores are not full diameter all the way through. I had to run a drill through mine to get them to work on my gear drives from 3DServisas.

Richard C.
United States United States

Wish I could try them, but…..!

These wheels look solid and I was so excited to try them, but then I realized I needed the Kegel pulley adapters. I went online and ordered a set of 45T from Onsra California. They sent me a single pulley with no bearings either. I emailed them and they said they had a new person in the shipping department. No problem… We all make mistakes and it isn’t life or death or anything so just shoot me what I’m missing. Next package arrives with a smaller size adapter and bearings?! Obviously I can’t run a set of motors with a 45 tooth on one side and a 40 tooth on the other side. I emailed them again and ask them to please correct it by sending me a 45 tooth or since I already have one of each maybe they could send me one of each for the mistake and I’d have a couple of sizes I could try. Either way I didn’t care at minimum I just needed one more 45 tooth. They emailed me back and suggested I just return everything and they would refund me?! Are you kidding? So now I have $150 set of rubber wheels I can’t even use because they don’t want to correct the issue ?! I’ve emailed them a few times now asking for a return merchandise authorization for everything and they won’t even respond to my emails now! Looks like I’ll probably have to do a chargeback on my credit card. This is so unfortunate and so unnecessary. When did having integrity by doing the right thing become so difficult for so many businesses? You can’t blame that on coronavirus . That’s just poor customer service!

Bradley T.
United States United States


They are the best wheel I have tried so far. Would be even better if the tread pattern was lined up correctly on both sides….something to think about Onsra