Safety Alert

Important Safety Alert before buying an ONSRA Electric Skateboard

By buying and using an ONSRA Electric Skateboard or other products sold on this website, you acknowledge that electric skateboarding can be inherently dangerous, and if the rider is not careful can result in injury or death. By buying and riding a board or other esk8 products you agree to minimize the risk of injury or death by reading and adhering to all safety warnings and tips and using extreme caution while riding. Eskate Warehouse LLC (the official US reseller of ONSRA GmbH Switzerland) will not be liable for any injury or death resulting from use of ONSRA Electric Skateboards or other products sold on this website. 

  1. Keep in mind that ONSRA Electric Skateboards are designed for use only in dry weather and when the streets are dry, on smooth hard terrain with minimal cracks, rocks or other road hazards. Avoid riding on uneven surfaces. Boards should not be ridden by people younger than 18 years.
  2. Make sure to first practice riding in a safe environment (e.g. a park, away from traffic). Familiarize yourself with the board first. ONSRA is a motorized skateboard and poses the risks of skateboarding and motorized personalized transportation.
  3. Do never ride without full protection - helmet and other protective gear. Electric skateboarding can be dangerous. We strongly urge you not to ride at high speeds.
  4. If the board makes any weird noises, abruptly stops, if the remote disconnects etc. please immediately stop riding and contact us. Also if you ever suspect any damage, please do not continue to ride it until you have consulted with us.
  5. ONSRA is a rugged board but is not designed to “drop” off surfaces or perform tricks doing so not only endangers riders and spectators but is also misuse of the board and voids your warranty.
  6. Store your board with care, taking care to avoid overheating (most commonly occurring when a board is inside a car on a hot day) or freezing (storing in a very cold garage can be too cold)
  7. Treat your battery with care by not overcharging it. Leaving it plugged in when it is completely charged reduces battery life.
  8. Turn on the skateboard in a fully stopped or standing position without a rider. Never kick start and then turn on the skateboard, this can cause you to eject from the board suddenly.
  9. When you buy an ONSRA electric skateboard, you acknowledge that skateboarding is a dangerous sport that can result in injury or death. Customers agree to adhere to all warnings above and ride in a safe and legal manner. That said, ONSRA will not be liable for any repercussions of using ONSRA electric skateboards in a way that results in injury, death, or damages. ONSRA riders agree to limit themselves to use the board as designed and to start riding the board in an enclosed area while learning.