ONSRA Reviews: Onsra Black Carve & Accessories

Are you looking for an amazing eskating experience? Then ONSRA is the right choice. ONSRA’s Swiss-designed board is equipped with high-end parts, down to the fine details. Tested and refined by skateboarder Fabian Doerig. ONSRA’s goal is to provide savvy electric skateboard riders with a high-performance option at a price point that still allows many to ride ONSRA’s sleek and fast electric skateboards.

Choosing an electric skateboard is an important decision and an ONSRA board is an investment. Here are some real ONSRA reviews that can help you make your electric skateboard purchasing decision.

Dan from Ohio was one of our early customers and he made his decision after a lot or research and riding different budget boards. 
Riding the ONSRA Black Carve Dual Belt is an amazing experience. I used to ride Chinese boards that cost 30 to 50% less but I can guarantee you that it's worth every penny to get on ONSRA. The riding experience is smooth and the range is outstanding. Can definitely recommend it." 
Dan, Cleveland, Ohio

Evolve vs. ONSRA? For Josh in San Jose, California these were his two final choices when buying a new electric skateboard. Like many others, he looked online for ONSRA reviews and found some great review videos that helped him decide. 
I was just about to buy an Evolve GTR but then watched a couple of Youtube videos about the Onsra Black Carve. This made me change my plans and get their direct drive model. I received the board within a few days and have been riding it daily since, it's simply addictive.
Josh, San Jose, California

Alejandro from Texas was the first in his community to get a Black Carve. After some of his friends tried out the board they fell in love with it as well. 
After comparing prices online I ended up buying from onsra which offered the best deal and delivered the board within around 6 days after I placed my order. their customer service was very helpful both before and after purchase and I simply love my board. 
Alejandro, San Juan, Texas

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