ONSRA California Size Chart for Beyond Riders Armor Shirts

Check out our USA size chart below and make sure you select the right size at checkout. Keep in mind that you might need a bigger size if you wear a sweatshirt under the protective shirt. 

As a rule of thumb, choose your regular size. If you want to wear a sweater under your Protective Shirt, we recommend that you go up one size. 


Fernando, 160 pounds (72kg) with a T-Shirt: Medium. Fernando, wearing a sweater underneath: Large

Jason, 180 pounds (82kg) with a T-Shirt: Large. Jason, wearing a sweater underneath: Extra Large

ONSRA California Electric Skateboard Beyond Size Chart

Beyond Riders Armor Size Chart ONSRA California

Reach out to the ONSRA Calilfornia Support Team here >>> if you have any question about what shirt size is good for you