Digital Multimeter

Digital Multimeter

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Personal Digital Multimeter - delivered within 3-5 days in USA!

Whether you ride on ONSRA Electric Skateboard or any other personal electric vehicle, you need to be able to do some basic troubleshooting in case you encounter an issue.

It's often tricky to find out what the root of the problem is without knowing what voltage your battery is at or what current you have. That's what ONSRA California's new Digital Multimeter is for.

The meter is a mini hand held 31/2 digital multimeter for measuring AC/DC voltage and AC/DC current, resistance, diode, transistor, frequency, temperature and continuity test with battery operated. 

  • Suitable for any personal electric vehicle
  • Small and compact design
  • A great electronic measuring instrument
  • The back light of display is optional
  • Large LCD display

What's Included ?

  • Multimeter Mini pocket hand held
  • Monitor Probes (Red & Black)
  • Operator user manual
  • 9V Battery

Technical Details / Product description

  1. Protective Tube: F500mA/250V
  2. Power: 9V NEDA1604 or 6F22 Battery
  3. Display: LCD, 1999 counts, updates2-3/ect
  4. Measuring method: Dual-slope integration A/D converter
  5. Overrange Indication: Only figure "1"on the display
  6. Polarity Display: - for Negative Polarity
  7. Working Temperature: 32°F-104°F / 0-40 °C
  8. Storage Temperature:14°F-122°F /10°C-50°C
  9. Size: 145*70*31 mm
  10. Weight: 0.3 lbs, 140g (without battery)

Please note that this is not a product supplied by ONSRA and it's not connected to the ONSRA brand.