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ONSRA California: Why Buy ONSRA and Why Buy Here?

ONSRA California has recently opened in Morro Bay! We want you to fall in love with our electric skateboards and with esk8ing in general! You’re going to be pleasantly surprised by what ONSRA California has to offer consumers looking to buy a high-performance electric skateboard: ONSRA California - Why buy from us Swiss Design - ONSRA’s Swiss design stands out among electric skateboards. The precision design, combined with top quality parts even down to the screws, is what makes ONSRA better. And let’s be honest, this board’s got curb appeal. Swiss Testing - ONSRA’s top-quality design comes from testing and improving, as is the Swiss mentality. Only through testing was ONSRA able to reach a high-quality design with precision performance...

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ONSRA CALIFORNIA Opens Morro Bay Based Warehouse with Jack Smith

Californians who love electric skateboarding now have a new option on the market that’s sure to shake things up. ONSRA, designed and tested by legendary electric skateboarder Fabian Doerig, found a friend in California’s Jack Smith. Jack is a board sports activist whose cross-country trip on an electric skateboard brought electric skateboard awareness to communities nationwide. Not only that he’s a former world class slalom and downhill skateboarder.Jack Smith, of Morro Bay, has joined an amazing group of enthusiast esk8 riders for ONSRA CALIFORNIA. ONSRA CALIFORNIA hopes that this will provide nationwide and local riders with a personalized experience, top-notch customer service and a local repair and service center tailored to their needs. Morro Bay, CA is conveniently located between...

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Best Electric Skateboard - 5 Reasons Why ONSRA is Best: California Edition

ONSRA Black Carve is the best electric skateboard on the market place. When it comes to electronics, the Swiss offer amazing fine design, precision manufacturing & tuning, and brilliant results. This electric skateboard is no different. Designed to tackle the steep high climb grade mountains of Switzerland as well as its winding urban streets, ONSRA boards were tested extensively during the design process. California is the perfect place for a board built like this.

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