Your First Ride on an ONSRA Electric Skateboard - an Unforgettable Esk8 Experience

Whether you are riding the ONSRA board of a friend, of one of our ambassadors (coming soon) - check out the following tips to prepare yourself for the first ride: 

First of all make sure to wear a helmet and additional protective gear. 

Choose the suitable riding mode, based on your skills. Here is how you can determine your level of riding experience:

  • Absolute beginner (no board sports experience)
  • Beginner (board sports experience, but never ridden an electric skateboard)
  • Intermediate (has ridden an electric skateboard)
  • Experienced (has owned an electric skateboard)

ONSRA Electric Skateboard at the beach

Image credit: John Paul YT

Not sure which wheels to use and what electric skateboard is right for you? Think about what you will be using your board for - the typical use scenarios:

  • Riding to work on rough roads, sidewalks
  • Riding places on bike trails, primarily smooth hard surfaces
  • Riding in hilly or mountainous areas
  • Leisure cruising
  • Off-road and on-road
  • Last mile vehicle
Do you have a preference for Belt - Drive Model or Direct - Drive Model electric skateboards? Is it speed you're looking for? Or is it the high torque? If you want to learn more about what board to purchase check out our guide about which board to buy