Best Electric Skateboard - 5 Reasons Why ONSRA is Best: California Edition

Best Electric Skateboard - 5 Reasons Why ONSRA is Best: California Edition

ONSRA Black Carve is the best electric skateboard on the market place.

  1. Designed and tested at the high mountains of the Swiss Alps, climb gradient up to 30%  where high torque electric board capabilities are a must.
  2. National service & Shipment Center, California in Morro Bay, CA
  3. Easy To Customize electric skateboard.
  4. Unbeatable Warranty, with extended warranty plan optional.
  5. Upgraded LCD integrated Remote as Standard.

Designed and Tested on the mountains of the Swiss Alps in Switzerland

When it comes to electronics, the Swiss offer amazing fine design, precision manufacturing & tuning, and brilliant results. This electric skateboard is no different. Designed to tackle the steep high climb grade mountains of Switzerland as well as its winding urban streets, ONSRA boards were tested extensively during the design process. California is the perfect place for a board built like this. Whether you feel like climbing the Hollywood Hills or you’re just trying to get home from the Financial District in San Francisco (if you didn’t know, it’s all uphill from there). Hey, California hills - ONSRA is up for the task. Test after test showed us that Aluminum pulleys prevented overheat and helped maintain performance - our boards feature 40T & 45T metal pulleys. We tested, improved, tested, improved and now have one of the finest designs of electric skateboard ever made. So fast with so much Torque that we were able to flatten any hill on our way.

Service & Shipment Center in Morro Bay, CA

Get peace of mind and service close by when you order from ONSRA California. Exclusively shipping from our Morro Bay service and shipment center, our ONSRA boards will never have to be shipped out of state by you for repairs. As consumers, we got used to having what we order arriving at our door fast. With globalization and many different manufacturers selling to California, the shipment times for electric skateboards can be more than a month. Any item on our site that says “ready to ship” is in our Morro Bay warehouse center waiting for your order.

Easy to Customize

ONSRA electric skateboards are very easy to customize. You can choose our 97mm street or 115mm Rubber or our 6’ AT wheels, changing between them in minutes. This is very exciting for California riders who can face a variety of riding conditions. With ONSRA’s boards easy to swap wheels you’ll always feel ready for any terrain or riding conditions. We’re so excited to help you customize your board that we can include few wheel options: the  97mm Polyurethane street or Rubber 115mm for bumpy street or dirt or AT 6’ wheels and an adaptor with every purchase of a new electric skateboard.

Unbeatable Warranty

ONSRA has a cutting edge warranty program that combines with tech support to offer you exceptional service when you purchase one of our boards. We work on a video-based support system, which makes repairs and help much more effective. Our customers love how fast we can solve problems compared to traditional companies where you send a product in the mail, hoping that the manufacturer will see the problem. Our boards come with a standard 180-day warranty to be free of manufacturing defects. If our video troubleshooting service determines that the product needs repairs, shipping is 100% free for you. If for some reason your board is damaged due to misuse during the warranty period (crashing, improper assembly, overweight usage, force, etc.) we offer a special low priced repair deal. As well we offer extended warranty plans according to ONSRA policy.

Best Remote for Electric Skateboards Standard

The remote for a board can make a huge difference in performance. Just take a look at our new ONSRA black carve dual Belt or Direct Drive - upgrading to a Hobbywing Turbo 12S ESC & a 12S3P Battery helps the BLACK Carve to get more torque and faster acceleration for longer distance with big wheels. After testing many different remotes in the high mountains of the Swiss Alps and ragged dirt streets of Switzerland. ONSRA chose the Hobbywing Turbo 12S ESC combined with a  huge 12S3P battery pack. This remote comes with an integrated  LCD Screen version, which displays speed, battery level of the remote, battery level of the board, 3 different speed modes, KMH vs.MPH option, edit the wheel diameter for better performance, track total mileage.