ONSRA California: Why Buy ONSRA and Why Buy Here?

ONSRA California has recently opened in Morro Bay! We want you to fall in love with our electric skateboards and with esk8ing in general!

You’re going to be pleasantly surprised by what ONSRA California has to offer consumers looking to buy a high-performance electric skateboard:

ONSRA California - Why buy from us

  1. Swiss Design - ONSRA’s Swiss design stands out among electric skateboards. The precision design, combined with top quality parts even down to the screws, is what makes ONSRA better. And let’s be honest, this board’s got curb appeal.
  2. Swiss Testing - ONSRA’s top-quality design comes from testing and improving, as is the Swiss mentality. Only through testing was ONSRA able to reach a high-quality design with precision performance and looks. Testing in the Alps puts the boards under tremendous stress and has led to impressive breakthroughs.
  3. California Shipping - Avoid disappointment when you order ONSRA from our California center. We offer delivery anywhere in the Lower 48, free shipping included! 
  4. California repair center  - Shorten waits and make repairs more convenient when you have a local repair shop.  
  5. California Customer Service - If you’re like most of us in California you know the frustration of remote customer service centers. We offer the hours our customers want. 

ONSRA boards are the only Swiss-designed boards available in the United States. Ride ONSRA and ride a precision-designed and thoroughly tested board. If it can get Fabian Doerig up and down the Alps (hills and mountains) of Switzerland, it can tackle California's toughest terrain.

Learn more about ONSRA California boards on our website and reach out to us if you have any questions.