Meet Perry Linquist, the ONSRA California rider of the month - August

Perry Linquist from Denver, Colorado has been skateboarding for many years and recently got an ONSRA Challenger Direct Drive. 

The new month just began and Perry was chosen as ONSRA California's rider of August! Check out the interview with him below. 

ONSRA California Ambassador

1. How did you get into electric skateboarding?
Tried a friends evolve at the skatepark.

2. Why did you choose an ONSRA electric skateboard?
I’m a transition skater = “challenger “

3. Where did you first hear about ONSRA?
online : hey what is up  ヅ great videos Fabi !! 

4. Describe your first ride
My very first ride on the challenger was at a fresh asphalt parking lot. Pushing it a little and hit 27mph. Had the bushings tightened pretty tight and lost some turning. Got new ones before the next ride and turning is good and stable at speed.

5. What's the most fun ride you've had so far? Where did you go?
I’ve put about 130 miles on it in 2 weeks. I guess the most fun was a start at Denver skatepark n headed south on the platte river trail. Then a little around downtown. Got on an elevator at one point which was great with the kick tail. Just kick n mall grab n on  ヅ. I love racing around on large asphalt areas too. 

6. What advice would you give to new riders?
Depends on how new. I’ve sk8d 45 years, snow for 38. It was pretty natural for me. Braking and acceleration were new. I slammed once on my other board braking. Almost a time or 2 accelerating. Safety is important! And for me pads are a must. 

Thanks Perry for this interview and for being part of the ONSRA California riders community. 

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