How to Upgrade Your Electric Skateboarding Experience

Whether you are riding an ONSRA Electric Skateboard or a board of any other brand out there - you probably know exactly what's important when riding and what challenges you face - from how to see where you are riding at night to ride protected to how to improve your ability to carve. 

We hear you and put together a short guide how to upgrade your electric skateboard experience. Here you go: 


Shredlights New Skateboard Combo Pack Lights (SL-300 & SLR1)

Shredlights are the best electric skateboard lights in our opinion, which is why we sell them at ONSRA California. These lights are going to be your new favorite electric skateboard must-have accessory.

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Riptide Electric Skateboard Bushings - Double Kingpin Bushing KIT

This premium kit - made in the USA - is made for electric skateboards that use double kingpin trucks. It has been designed & tested specifically for ONSRA Boards. Select the perfect kit for you according to your weight.

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ONSRA Ceramic PRO - Electric Skateboard Bearings

ONSRA Ceramic Pro Electric Skateboard Bearings are going to impress you! The ceramic balls are much lighter, harder, stronger, waterproof, and longer-lasting than the finest steel balls. Handpicked by ONSRA for performance, quality, and durability, you'll love these ceramic bearings.

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ONSRA Reflective Jacket - Pads Included

You can wear our ONSRA Jacket with or without the protector inserts. The shirt is lined with Dupont Kevlar meaning that if you fall off your electric skateboard, EUC, Onewheel or bike you are protected from rash. 

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120mm CloudWheels – Discovery Core

Looking for a smooth ride? Try CloudWheels on your electric skateboard. Perfect for reducing friction, these popular 120mm wheels feature a patented "Discovery Core." The wheels are 120mm x 64mm and 78A. All CloudWheels include bearings! 

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